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Complaint Policy

Insurance Company Limited Complaint Handling Policy

Our Commitment:

Assurepro Insurance Company Limited (API) is committed to providing a high standard of client service and to maintaining our reputation for honesty and integrity. We believe that complaint resolution is important, and it is incumbent upon us to respond to complaints promptly, accurately, and with the utmost courtesy. We will provide our clients with accessible means with which to communicate their complaint, and will employ our best efforts to respond and resolve where possible. All complaints and personal information collected will be handled in a timely, professional, and confidential manner. If a complaint cannot be resolved immediately at the first point of contact, we will strive to acknowledge complaints within three business days, and respond with our findings within ten business days.

Complaint resolution process:

If our level of service or quality of products has failed to meet your expectations we would like you to tell us about your concerns. Here is how:

1) Let us know - Most problems can be resolved quickly and easily by speaking with one of our customer service representatives. You may contact any of our branch offices either verbally or in writing, or you may lodge your formal complaint with:

AssurePro Insurance Company Limited
200 Albert Street North
Regina, SK   S4R 5E2
P: (306) 791-4321
F: (306) 949-4461

2) Talk to management - If your concern isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Vice President, Insurance Services at the above address.

3) Still not satisfied - You also have the right to refer the matter to the provincial Superintendent of Insurance at the following address:

Financial Services Commission
6th Floor, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, SK   S4P 4H2
P: (306) 787-6700
F: (306) 787-9006

This policy is available on-line at or by request from the company.

Your Privacy:

Your personal information will be recorded and used only for the purpose of responding to your complaint. Non-personal statistical data will be collected and analyzed for the purpose of identifying and correcting systemic and recurring issues.

For questions or complaints related to privacy issues or the handling of your personal information, please contact the API Chief Privacy Officer at the above address.