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AssurePro Insurance provides personal accident insurance programs to groups and individuals.

Personal accident insurance is an excellent option for people that want to supplement their life insurance plans with a simple, guaranteed plan regardless of age or health status. You cannot be turned down; we guarantee you will be accepted into this plan.


Any person who applies for the coverage, pays for the required premium and resides in a territory in which AssurePro is duly licensed to operate in is eligible for this insurance.


The AssurePro Insurance program insures against death or dismemberment resulting from personal transportation accidents. Coverage applies while you are a driver, passenger or even a pedestrian. Coverage responds to private vehicle accidents and most common carriers such as buses, trains, taxis, subways and even ferries.

Coverage extends for loss of life, limbs or sight.

Plan Options

AssurePro provides high-value coverage against high-risk accidents at very reasonable premiums.

Contact us with any questions regarding our plan options.


Assigning a beneficiary is often a good idea with accident insurance. If you would like to assign a new beneficiary or change your beneficiary please download the attached forms, have them signed by the insured, witnessed and returned to us at AssurePro at the following address:

AssurePro Insurance Company Limited
200 Albert St. North
Regina, S4R 5E2