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Privacy Policy 


1.   AssurePro Insurance Company is committed to maintain the security, confidentiality and accuracy of all personal information we collect.


2.   AssurePro Insurance Company obtains information from clients for a number of purposes including:

3.   During the application process to become a client, you may have provided us with written consent respecting the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.  This Privacy Policy is intended to supplement, and does not replace or modify any such written consent.


4.   AssurePro Insurance Company will limit the collection and use of information about its clients and prospects to only that which is necessary to administer its business, provide superior service, and offer opportunities which AssurePro Insurance Company feels will be of interest to them.

5.   Either before or when we collect personal information AssurePro Insurance Company will explain what that information will be used for and will ask for your consent for it to be used in those ways, subject to a few specific exceptions:

6.   AssurePro Insurance Company will not collect information beyond what is relevant to the benefits, products and services we provide, and we will not use personal information beyond what you have agreed to.


7.   AssurePro Insurance Company will restrict employee, agent, and vendor access to client information to only those with a business need to know.  AssurePro Insurance Company will educate its employees, agents, and vendors about the responsibilities of handling individual information.

8.   AssurePro Insurance Company will not share personal information without the individual’s consent.  The only exception to this is when AssurePro Insurance Company needs to transfer information to another entity for processing, or in order for that third-party to provide a benefit, product or service.  Such third-parties include other insurance carriers, other CAA/AAA affiliates and clubs, business partners and affinity service providers.   When AssurePro Insurance Company discloses information to a third party it is on a confidential basis and with agreements in place to ensure that the third party handles this information securely and uses it only for the purposes for which it has been authorized.

9.   AssurePro Insurance Company will not sell, lease, rent, or give individual-specific information to non-partners, or entities that are not affiliated with AssurePro Insurance Company.

10.  AssurePro Insurance Company will only use individual demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle information for analytical and targeting purposes.  This information will not be communicated directly to clients in any written or verbal contacts.


12.  Clients may withdraw their consent at any time for their information to be used for certain purposes.  For instance, AssurePro Insurance Company will provide prospects the option to be excluded from future AssurePro and CAA/AAA line-of-business and partner-initiated marketing efforts.

14.  If your consent is withdrawn this may restrict our ability to serve you and we may not be able to provide you with all of our benefits, products and services.


15.  AssurePro Insurance Company will ensure that the security of information held in its possession will be at a level equal to or greater than what is required by all privacy laws, internal and organizational policies, and other standards that may be applicable.

16.  AssurePro Insurance Company will maintain information according to internal and widely accepted security standards and policies.  AssurePro client information will only be maintained on appropriate company system(s).


17.  AssurePro Insurance Company will provide easy procedures for its clients to view information held by AssurePro Insurance Company and to report and quickly remedy inaccurate information.  There are certain situations where AssurePro Insurance Company may not provide an individual access to their personal information – examples include:


18.  AssurePro Insurance Company has appointed a privacy officer to ensure that all privacy laws, policies, and standards are maintained and adhered to.

19.  If we have information that is not correct or complete please contact one of our customer service representatives who would be pleased to assist you in updating or correcting your information.

20.  If you have a specific request about AssurePro Insurance Company’s Privacy Policy or practices, please send this to us in writing.  In your correspondence, please describe your questions in as much detail as possible.  We will respond to your concern as promptly and accurately as possible.  Please direct your inquiries to:

AssurePro Insurance Company
ATTN:  Privacy Officer
200 Albert Street North
Regina, SK S4R 5E2