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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Who is AssurePro?

A: AssurePro Insurance Company Limited is an insurance company that specializes in Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.  It is the only type of insurance they offer.

Assurepro Insurance Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saskatchewan Motor Club. 

Assurepro was formerly known as Saskatchewan Motor Club Insurance Company Limited.  The name was changed to AssurePro January 1, 2008.

Q: How Will I know what my coverage limits are?

A: Your coverage information is provided to you each year when you receive your CAA Membership renewal billing.  If you are unable to find this information you can always contact your club and they will be able to provide you with confirmation of coverage and the limits you have purchased.

Q: What are the limits available?

A: You can select $15,000, $30,000, $45,000 or $90,000 as your limit of coverage.

Q: How do I go about purchasing the coverage.

A: You can contact any CAA branch, call 1-866-222-3021 or visit your local club.

Q: Do I need to assign a beneficiary on the policy.

A: It is in your best interest to assign a beneficiary to any policy that may pay in the event of death.  A beneficiary assignment will ensure that the policy benefit will go to the person you want.

Q: How do I assign a beneficiary for this policy?

A: You can download a beneficiary form, it must be signed, dated and witnessed and submitted to CAA Manitoba for their records.

Q: How do I submit a claim on this policy?

A: You can download a claims form from the CAA Manitoba Website or you can call the insurance company directly at 1-866-222-3021 and they will forward the claims forms to you.

Q: How long will it take to process my claim?

A: That depends.  AssurePro does their best to get all claims processed as fast as possible but they are often held up waiting for official documents.  AssurePro guarantees to mitigate each claim as fast as possible.

Q: If I want to speak to someone at AssurePro how do I contact them?

A: You can reach an AssurePro Insurance representative as follows:

AssurePro Insurance Company Limited
200 Albert St. N.
Regina, SK  S4R 5E2

Ph: 1-866-222-3021
Fx: 306-949-4461