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CAA Manitoba provides Personal Accident Insurance for their Members.

Personal Accident Insurance is a good option for Members providing insurance against accidents while in most vehicles.  For example we insure against accidents involving cars, subways, bus, boats, taxi, farm vehicles and even airplanes.

The CAA personal accident insurance will cover you as a driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in an accident.

Coverage responds for loss of sight, loss of limb or loss of life.  With your CAA Membership we want to provide you with support and protection when you need it most.

The CAA Personal Accident Insurance has four options available;

PAI15 - $15,000 coverage for $9.00/member* or
PAI30 - $30,000 coverage for $16.00/member* or
PAI50 - $50,000 coverage for $28.00/member* or
PAI100 - $100,000 coverage for $50.00/member*

  • contact us today to purchase or if you have any questions.
  • Assigning a beneficiary is often a good idea with accident insurance.  If you would like to assign a new beneficiary or change your beneficiary please download the attached forms, have them signed by the insured, witnessed and returned to us at AssurePro at the following address:

    AssurePro Insurance Company Limited
    200 Albert St. North
    Regina, S4R 5E2